The truth holds an immense power.

It may surprise you, but 44% of violence against LGBT individuals occurs in Brazil. While the country is known for being gay-friendly and having amazing destinations for gay travel, the truth is Brazilian LGBT individuals may live every day in fear. In fact, this last year (2016) alone , 330 LGBT people were murdered. This site attempts to provide a visual representation of this year’s victims of homophobia, trans-phobia, and prejudice in Brazil. This is by no means a comprehensive list because  these tragedies are perhaps grossly under-reported.

Through completing this project, I have been completely amazed and inspired by the LGBT community in Brazil. Many of these cases are heinous and horrifying, committed by anybody from teenagers to police officers. Ignorance and prejudice are rampant and deadly. However, throughout my time in Brazil getting to know members of the LGBT community, I have seen nothing but perserverance and happiness. A bright light in the midst of utter darkness. Hopefully this project honors the people that have died, the ones that live every day in their true being, and those who fight for the greater community.

Please note, this website is part of a project to expand the reach of this information. Check out the original Portuguese version hosted by the renowned NGO Grupo Gay de Bahia at . Spread this information. The LGBT community in Brazil is constantly battling bigoted legislators and politicians and would benefit from worldwide solidarity. Thank you!


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cover photo courtesy of photo series: “From Russia Without Love” by Jamo Best