Jenifer Toledo ~ 27 ~ Camboriú, SC


The police were called after neighbors heard a fight break out in the victim’s house. She was found dead with a belt wrapped around her neck. The man had fled the scene.



Érick Kanaã Xavier da Silva ~ 15 ~ Araranguá, SC


The victim was beat and then strangled to death. He was then wrapped up in a tarp and shoved into the trunk of a car which was left on the side of the road. The assailant confessed to the murder saying that he did it because he assumed the victim was gay.


Alexandre João Batista Santiago ~ 32 ~ Florianópolis, SC


Alexandre was found dead in a park in the center of the city. The official police report claims that he was homeless and killed in a fight between homeless individuals. The family disputes this saying that he was in fact not homeless and on his way to see his boyfriend that night. The victim was stoned to death and had signs of torture. He was found naked with his legs tied together.